ABUTEC Paves the Way for Waste-to-Energy


ABUTEC, a manufacturer of environmentally friendly combustion solutions, has brought an innovative waste-to-energy project to life through its partnership with Roeslein Alternative Energy.

ABUTEC and Roeslein have partnered to develop a system for Smithfield Foods Missouri to trap biogas released from manure lagoons and store it for energy production. Instead of going to waste, this valuable biogas can now be safely harnessed for later use, reducing Smithfield Foods’ carbon footprint in the process.

Learn more about ABUTEC’s role in this project and commitment to the environment by clicking here.


ABUTEC, an acronym for Advanced Burner Technologies, is an international manufacturer of Environmentally Friendly Combustion Solutions. ABUTEC specializes in offering high efficiency, low emission, burners and flares to various industry segments and applications. ABUTEC manufactures Infrared Burners, Enclosed Flares, Vapor Combustors, Incinerators, Thermal Oxidizers, and CHP 'Gas-to-Energy' systems all aimed at reducing plant emissions and increasing efficiency.

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