ABUTEC Units Bring Safety and Reliability to Your Site


At ABUTEC, safety and reliability are our No. 1 priority. Moreover, we recognize that safety and reliability are also our customers’ top concerns when it comes to their sites. That’s why at ABUTEC, our manufacturing and product design teams work to eliminate maintenance concerns and down time, while providing our customers with a robust unit that features numerous safety measures.

Time and time again, our customers tell us that reliability is their top priority across all regions. But what does “reliability” mean? For ABUTEC, reliability means little to no maintenance, no down time, no need for new parts and no reason to come back to the unit. This is why ABUTEC strives to manufacture products with fewer moving parts, to ensure that there are fewer parts that will one day require replacing. Additionally, ABUTEC offers remote monitoring of the unit’s control panel, enabling our customers to limit trips to their flare. Each evolution of ABUTEC products strives to create a more robust unit, with reliability at the helm.

The safety of our units is another priority. How can ABUTEC ensure safety? In short, through product design. ABUTEC units boast three standout product-design features that are incorporated into each unit:

  • Our anti-flashback burner design is the primary defense against on-site issues. This feature aids in keeping the flame from traveling back into the tank, thus compromising the entire system.
  • Our flame arrestor is the second safety defense on an ABUTEC unit. The flame arrestor works as a back-up method to keep the flame from traveling back to the source.
  • Our thermocouple is the third safety feature incorporated into ABUTEC solutions. The thermocouple measures temperature to ensure that the unit does not get too hot, compromising its structural integrity.
  • Our continuous pilot and insulation inside our units are additional measures to keep ABUTEC products as safe as possible.

ABUTEC is proud of the units we design and manufacturer. Additionally, we have an outstanding service team that offers installation services, expert maintenance, on-site training, remote service monitoring and 24/7 assistance. Check out our service page to learn more about our many service offerings.

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