AC-CESS Sign 4 More International Distributors


Source: AC-CESS Co Uk Ltd

Underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV) manufacturer AC-CESS demonstrates their continuing global growth with the finalisation of 4 more formal agreements to distribute the next generation micro ROV the AC-ROV:

1) ELP GmbH of Wuppertal of Germany was founded in 1989 and specialise in ROV and X-Ray based technologies to the military market. Long time distributors for renowned ROV manufacturer’s iRobot and Allen Vanguard, ELP view the AC-ROV as the ideal rapid response submersible for the security detection and inspection market.

2) BTT Automatyka Sp. z o.o. of Gdansk, Poland was founded in 1994. The company specialise in underwater technologies including dive systems, sonar, positioning systems, tether and tether management systems and ROV’s from companies such as MacArtney, Tritech and Divex. BTT Automatyka has identified the AC-ROV’s size and mobility as key differentiators in the marketplace.

3) All-Star Technology Corporation of Taiwan was founded in 1992 and historically serves the oceanographic, hydrographic, seismographic and geophysical markets. Development into the submersed inspection sector pushed the requirement for cutting edge technologies, leading All-Star to the AC-ROV. Their 20 strong team pride themselves on offering the complete package in terms of technology, know how, servicing and support. All-Star distribute and support Geomation, Automata, RBR, Westsystems and ANCO technologies among others.

4) LinkOcean of China was founded in 2005 and historically specialise in the oceanographic and hydrological markets. Similar to All Star, LinkOcean have witnessed increasing demand for cutting edge underwater inspection equipment and view the AC-ROV as the ideal vehicle to answer this demand. LinkOcean distribute RBR, Helzel and Sonavision technologies to the Chinese market.

Mr Brian Abel, MD of AC-CESS is delighted but not overly surprised by the signings, “The AC-ROV offers potential users a new dimension in underwater inspection, the system is highly portable and has extreme mobility and robustness – any company with a serious client focus should be interested in offering it to their client base”.

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