AC-ROV thruster upgrade


Source: AC-CESS Co Uk Ltd

The AC-ROV is the most capable and portable underwater inspection system in the world and its phenomenal success owes much to its unique centreless thruster design.

Unlike other thruster designs, there is no motor in the flow path. The benefits are that thrust is significantly greater than from a same size shaft mounted propeller, thrust is equal in both directions, and as AC-ROV users know, the “no shaft” design is virtually foul proof.

The original centreless thruster was developed over many months of experimentation with many different design configurations. The experimentation has continued and an even better performing thruster has evolved from the combined efforts of AC-CESS and their engineering partners ALL OCEANS of Aberdeen, Scotland.

Existing AC-ROV users from a variety of industrial sectors were selected to field test the “Mark 2” thruster, reporting greater vehicle speed, power and excursion capability without compromise of control or stability.  The Mark 2 thruster will be fitted to all new build AC-ROV’s as standard and is available as a straight change-out component to all existing users.

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