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Acacia Correctional Facility Expands WWTP Capacity with Airoflo


Source: S&N Airoflo Inc.

The Acacia Correctional Facility in Australia recently upgraded its WWTP facility with a new S&N Airoflo floating brush rotor replacing a 20 Hp vertical aerator.  Jason Shaw, with CHS Engineering, commented, “Due to water saver toilets in the prison facility, the waste stream is more onerous to treat than in a normal domestic stream . The difference the new Airoflo aerator has made is quite evident when you look at the results for November 2009 when the aerator was still being tuned, to results for November 2010”.  They have seen a dramatic drop in nitrogen. The design engineer commented on the quite operation and noticeable increase in mixing.

“Treatment flows have also increased over the period by 100 cubic meters per day. The previous aerator was struggling at 220 cubic meters per day. We calculate we can treat in excess of 450 cubic meters per day thanks to the performance of the new aerator”.


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