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ACCA produces new guides to help business get to grips with climate change


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To help businesses cope with the demands of climate change, ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants), in association with Forum for the Future, Baker and McKenzie, KPMG, and Deloitte, has produced the Carbon Jigsaw Briefings. These seven documents provide businesses with a thorough and expert overview of the business challenges posed by climate change, as well guidance on how best businesses can conquer them.

“The briefings contained in the Carbon Jigsaw are truly comprehensive and can be an indispensible resource for businesses,” said ACCA’s Director of Technical Policy and research, Steve Priddy. “The recession and its aftermath may be dominating the horizons of many businesses, but this does not mean green issues can be ignored; climate change is still happening, recession or not.

“As accountants look to develop a single global standard for carbon emission reporting, it is vital that business prepares the groundwork for a properly regulated low-carbon economy by understanding and embracing the need for change.”

ACCA’s newly appointed Sustainability and CSR Project Manager, Henning Drager, said: “There is so much claim and counter-claim in the media about the science of climate change that it is too easy for confusion over the issues to emerge. The Carbon Jigsaw provides a definitive guide to the climate change facts, regulations, and carbon trading frameworks, all without spin.

“In particular, the guide to overseas carbon trading schemes and emissions frameworks can be of great benefit to businesses looking to expand overseas.”

The Carbon Jigsaw contains seven separate documents, each focusing on a key aspect of climate change’s effect on business. Included in the briefings are an overview of the science behind climate change, a breakdown of the Stern Review and its business implications, and a guide to the different national legislative frameworks and trading regimes.

The final parts of the Carbon Jigsaw cover the importance of properly accounting for carbon change, especially when there are tax or regulatory requirements involved.

The Carbon Jigsaw Briefings can be accessed on ACCA's website. ACCA’s latest Green activities can be followed on its Green Twitter page.

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