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Accelerated vehicle vibration measurements


To make triaxial measurements easier for automotive and industrial engineers, Brüel & Kjær has created a new charge accelerometer, which enables fast and reliable high temperature tests - Type 4527‐C.

The 4527‐C only needs one cable to link up with the three output channels on a data analyzer system, reducing set up time during tests. With an operational temperature up to +230°C, the accelerometer is ideal for measuring within applications that generate intense heat, such as powertrains, engines, vehicle exhausts, and gas turbine equipment.

Its small size and weight also enable the user to measure in locations where there has previously only been space for single‐axis accelerometers – such as the engine mounts and the exhaust.

The connector and cable have been specially created to avoid triboelectric noise, which originates in the connectors and affects measurement data, in order to provide maximum measurement reliability for users.

Type 4527‐C has a robust titanium casing with a single, integrated, Microtech-compatible, 4-pin connector. A range of mounting options allows users to secure them on any surface using an M3 stud, and an adhesive pad that extends the life of the transducer.

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