Accenture Innovation Awards 2013


Source: DMT Environmental Technology BV

DMT environmental Technology’s Carborex MS is registered for the Accenture Innovation Awards 2013. Based on the raking so far, there is a good possibility that our product will win the Award.

Winning the award depends on a few aspects; a jury and an audience. The jury decides whether the Carborex MS is the most innovative and sustainable concept participating in de category ‘Energy and Chemicals’. The audience, and that’s where we need your help, chooses the product of their preference and which they think is the best.

The Carborex MS is the most innovative installation for upgrading biogas to natural gas quality. The Carborex MS upgrades the gas easy and efficient, and therefor economical attractive. But the best feature; it is sustainable. On the 3rd of October the jury will come together and will make a selection out of 25 other products.

You can help us win the award by voting on the Carborex MS. Please visit the Accenture Awards website and make sure that we can add this award to our list. You can vote up-to 4 times by Facebook, twitter, mail and linked-in! In order to get more votes, please spread the word via Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn!

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