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Informative Articles-Published Online:

Daniel Theobald teaches 'How sludge settles is a key performance indicator'

Daniel Theobald tells how to strengthens knowledge with
Trends to monitor wastewater treatment ‘look and feel’

'Getting back to basics: What is pH?' by Daniel Theobald

Daniel Theobald compares and contrasts 'Batch and continuous pH control'

Daniel Theobald shares 'What are the treatment options for landfill leachate?'

Daniel Theobald shares '4 Safety Considerations for Anyone Storing, Handling, or Transporting Substances'

Wastewater, pH Balanced for Treatment by Daniel Theobald

3 Overlooked Tasks; for Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators shared by Daniel Theobald

Procedures and Technologies for Water-Related Efficiency Detailed by Daniel Theobald

Up Close with - Daniel Theobald - 'How Industry Can Help Maintain a Healthy Environment'

Daniel Theobald details 'What is Wastewater? Primary Basics of & What to do with it'

Daniel Theobald explores 'Waste Management Solutions for Business'

Corporate Tuesday (2/26/2013) Greenville, SC Business: Daniel Theobald Presents - 'Conserve-On-Water'

Daniel Theobald offers 'Real Time Wastewater Training on your Computer'

Daniel Theobald explains 'The Cost Reduction Locator'

Daniel Theobald was recently quoted in a Lux Research Report as advising cost conscious readers that 'there are so many inefficiencies that you can just optimize the current procedures without introducing new technologies to meet tightening regulations as well as save on cost.'

Primary Author-Chapter 2 of WEF MOP-37: Daniel Theobald
Operation of Nutrient Removal Facilities

Daniel Theobald unveils “The Hidden Dangers of Industrial Mop Water”
The Solutions Source of the Water & Wastewater Industry

Daniel Theobald discusses “Primary Wastewater Treatment”

Daniel Theobald identifies guidelines to Pump Chemicals Effectively!

Daniel Theobald explains how to “Implement Preventative Measures”!

Simple but Effective-Water Conservation by Daniel Theobald

Daniel Theobald explores industrial Water Conservation

Daniel Theobald Identifies “Water Conservation Solutions among Industries Worldwide”
Safeguarding the Water Supply

Educational Videos-Published Online:

Daniel Theobald - Calculates: Alkalinity required to convert Ammonia

Daniel Theobald - Calculates: Sludge Applied to Land

Daniel Theobald - Calculates: Trickling Filter Recirculation Ratio

Daniel Theobald - Calculates: Food/Mass Ratio

Daniel Theobald - Calculates: BOD Mg/L

ESDLT's Environmental Resource Center

ESDLT Introduces Wastewater Training:

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Environmental Services by Daniel L. Theobald

PO Box 80610 | Simpsonville, SC 29680-0610

Toll Free: 1-866-815-7819


Web Site:




Daniel L. Theobald of Environmental Services:


Known in the industry as “Wastewater Dan,” Daniel L. Theobald, proprietor of Environmental Services, is a

professional wastewater and safety consultant/trainer. He has more than 24 years of hands-on industry

experience operating many variants of wastewater treatment processing units and is eager to answer

submitted questions on water or wastewater and to share his knowledge about water conservation.




Theobald serves as an active consultant for industries looking to achieve and maintain improved wastewater

treatment at reduced cost. He is a Lifetime Member of the Who’s Who Registry of Professionals and holds

numerous certifications from wastewater management regulatory boards and professional organizations.

Theobald contributed one chapter to the Water Environment Federation’s Manual of Practice # 37, a technical

manual resource guide for biological nutrient removal, scheduled and published in 2013.




Theobald also authors an industry-related blog






Web (Linkedin-Dan’s Personal Profile):   




Web (Environmental-Expert-Dan’s Business Profile):


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