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Accessory Hoses for Steam Cleaners Introduced by Daimer


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The company released for sale 7 hoses including steam and steam vac styles for popular KleenJet® steam cleaner models, including the 200, 300, 1000, 3000 and 5000 models.

Woburn, MA -- U.S.A. – May 14, 2012 -- Daimer Industries, Inc.®, one of the top global providers for steam cleaners and accessories, announced immediate availability of 7 hoses in two different styles for many of its most popular KleenJet® machines for consumers and business users. The hoses composed of durable composite plastic are designed to accept a range of accessories.

'We continue to add items to our popular accessory line so our customers -- be they home owners or cleaning contractors -- can finish their work with less effort,' boasted Matthew Baratta, a Daimer.com steam cleaners accessories executive. 'These 7 hoses are designed to enhance the performance of 6 of our top-selling machines.'

News Hoses for KleenJet® Brand Steam Cleaners

Daimer® is making available 7 new hose units. The hoses are manufactured from composite-grade, flexible plastics for maximum portability and flexibility. The hoses include custom comfort hand drips designed to reduce hand fatigue. The hoses also accept a variety of accessories ranging from brushes to extension rods to squeegees and scrapers. Most of the hoses are 10 feet long with one measuring 24-feet long.

The new hoses for steam cleaner include the following models:

Three Steam Hoses: The 1302I3 for KleenJet® 1000 and 3000 steam cleaners, the 13C2I1 for KleenJet® 200, 300, and 500 steam cleaners and the 1502I3 for KleenJet® 5000 steam cleaners.

Four Steam Vacuum Hoses: The 51020T for KleenJet® 5000CV steam cleaners, the 5104C1V1 for KleenJet® model 500V steam cleaners, the 51020B for all KleenJet® model 1000 and 3000 steam cleaners and the 51080T for 5000CV and 1000CV steam cleaning machines.

The 51080T is a 24-foot hose, the longest among the new hose offerings. The added length is designed for larger applications in bigger spaces.

For additional information about Daimer® vapor steam cleaners systems, industrial steam cleaner products, steam vacuum cleaners or portable steam cleaners equipment, visit www.daimer.com/steam-cleaners/ or call Matthew Baratta at (888) 507-2220. Daimer steam cleaner machines and accessories are available to customers in most countries.

About Daimer Industries, Inc.®: Daimer Industries is a major supplier and worldwide exporter of the industry's leading line of KleenJet® vapor steam cleaners and gum remover systems; XTreme Power® carpet cleaners, hard surface cleaning machines, floor buffers/scrubbers/burnishers; as well as Super Max™ and Vapor-Flo® pressure washers.

Matthew Baratta, Daimer Industries, Inc.®
16 Tower Office Park
Woburn, MA 01801
(888) 507-2220

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