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ACCIONA Agua sponsors AEDyR’s 10th international congress


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24/10/2012 -- The Spanish Desalination and Reuse Association [Spanish acronym AEDYR] will be holding its tenth annual national congress from November 12 -15 at Madrid’s Palacio de Congresos conference center. Madrid has been chosen as this year’s venue for its numerous and important water treatment infrastructures related to the specific issues on the congress agenda, and which deploy advanced technologies to service a population of around 6 million inhabitants.

For yet another year, ACCIONA Agua is sponsoring the congress and will be taking part with speakers from the company’s R&D and Innovation team, who will speak on the following topics:

  • “Development and innovation of the Actidaff system; counter-current flotation as pre-treatment for seawater desalination” 
  • “Spectroscopic techniques for evaluating rusting in Reverse Osmosis membranes”
  • “Evaluation of the use of organic products of natural origin in seawater coagulation processes”
  • “A comparative study of a BRM system and the conventional wastewater treatment line for reuse at the Sureste WWTP (Grand Canary, Canary Isles)”

The AEDyR congress is a major forum aimed at facilitating communication, exchange of experiences and technological advances between people, companies and institution sin the water sector.

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