ACCIONA`s LNG storage caisson leaves for the Adriatic Sea



The concrete structure is 180 metres long, 88 metres wide and 47 metres tall. This is the first offshore gas terminal in the world, and it has the capacity to distribute 8 million metric tonnes per year. On Saturday, 30 August, the concrete LNG storage caisson built by ACCIONA Infrastructure is scheduled to leave Algeciras Bay in southern Spain for the Adriatic Sea. The caisson has a storage capacity of 250,000 cubic metres and can distribute more than 8 million metric tonnes per year. This is the first offshore gas terminal in the world. The 3-year construction project cost over 200 million euro and employed more than 800 people.

The LNG Terminal was built for Rass Laffan LNG, which is owned by Qatar Petroleum, ExxonMobil USA and Edison Italia. Aker Kvaerner and Skanska's Norwegian subsidiary provided engineering and project management services.

During the 21-day journey, the caisson will be floated across the Mediterranean, around the heel of Italy to its final destination 17 kilometres off the coast of Venice. Practically an artificial island, the giant structure is designed to withstand winds, tides, and earthquakes in its final location, and any incidents that might occur in transit. 

Over the last three years, ACCIONA Infrastructure built the prestressed concrete foundation, industrial installation, lagging and secondary containment for the LNG tanks, and handled all project logistics. ACCIONA also undertook all of the ancillary installations for the base camp, including 4,500 square metres of offices and other facilities. Safety, environmental protection and quality were treated as absolute priorities during the project, and more than 35,000 hours of classes were given to project staff in order to combine strengths and standardise methodology.

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