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The Centre for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE) is launching its 3rd North American Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Certification Workshop on June 17 - 18, in San Francisco, CA, USA. The workshop is a unique two-day intensive program for all professionals responsible for the management of Sustainability, who may acquire the skills and competencies required to become Qualified Sustainability (CSR) Practitioners and earn an internationally recognized business qualification. The workshop will be hosted by world-renowned sustainability pioneers and experts and is recognized by the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA). The Accredited Sustainability (CSR) Practitioner Workshop is designed for professionals within the following fields: General Management, Environmental Services, Public Relations, Human Resources, Marketing and Communications. Participants will gain an advanced understanding of Sustainability (CSR), acquire appropriate skills and knowledge leading to added value and authenticity to their organizations, as well as earn an internationally recognized business qualification. This uniquely certified workshop organized by CSE has gradually received wide popularity around the globe. It is certified by the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) and acts as a stepping-stone for organizations that want to progressively implement sustainability into their operations. At present, more than 120 professionals have attended the workshop, which has been successfully hosted in Athens, Brussels, Chicago and Dubai. The Practitioner's workshop has been designed for all professionals responsible for the management of Sustainability, CSR, Marketing, and Public Relations activities of their organizations. The next Sustainability CSR Practitioner Workshop will take place in Washington D.C., U.S.A on September 13 - 14, 2010. CSRwire Newsletter recipients mention CSRwire when registering to receive a 25% discount off of the regular rate for participation. Comments by previous IEMA Workshops participants:

'CSE puts sustainability issues and solutions in one place, providing increased clarity to the CSR executive. I found the course both informative and highly interactive.' - Cortney McDermott, Head of CSR and Sustainability, The North Face EMEA - VF Corporation
'I appreciated the teamwork, collaborative approach, and availability of the instructors for questions and discussions. It was great!' - Grant Buma, Green Team Leader, Sara Lee Corporation
'The interactive nature of the training, with lots of time dedicated to discussion rather than listening to a presenter, is what I liked the most.' - Ms. Melanie Brooke-Lander, HS&E Director, Programs & Sustainability, Baker Hughes

Sustainability Roundtable Event The CSE Sustainability Roundtable Series Event will follow day one of the IEMA training. The CSE and TerraPass, the well-respected offset provider based in San Francisco, are proud to host this no fee event. On June 17, at 5:30pm the CSE will host a roundtable discussion around the topic of sustainability in the supply chain, titled, 'Measuring & Addressing Environmental Impacts throughout the Entire Life Cycle and Supply Chain.' The roundtable event is an effort to engage business professionals responsible for implementing Sustainability into their operations and supply chains. All interested professionals must RSVP at About Centre of Sustainability and Excellence CSE is a leading training, advising organization & Think Tank with offices in Chicago, Athens, Brussels and Cyprus specialized in providing sustainable development solutions to various corporations and institutions. It is a GRI organizational stakeholder since 2007 and a GRI certified training provider. CSE represents the outcome of the cooperation between experts and scientists, who deal with, apply and provide support in the most advanced practical methodologies towards sustainability, while adhering to social and environmental criteria. Through its network of international partners, CSE offers coaching in a vast array of advising services promoting Sustainability & Excellence to Organizations, Society and Governments. CSE is operating in more than 10 countries. For more information please visit www.cse‐ or contact Nick Andrews at

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