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Youngstown, OH -  Accupoint Software Development LLC, a company specializing in quality and environmental software, has announced the release of InterLink. The InterLink software application was developed to streamline the administration of quality, environmental and safety management programs.

The InterLink program offers powerful, intuitive and easy to use tools that provide managers with relevant and timely information for better decision making.  InterLink is affordable, scalable and provides measurable value for manufacturing, distribution and service organizations.

In today’s global economy, many customers are requiring their supply chain to be certified to a variety of international standards in order to be considered for new business.  Companies adopting multiple independent management certifications run the risk of duplicating common procedures and wasting strategic resources.

The integration of multiple management certifications into a single program can ensure a total systems approach and functional organizational management.  Benefits of the integrated approach include avoiding duplicate procedures, reducing procedural conflicts and conserving valuable resources.

Accupoint Software was founded in 2007 by a group of manufacturing professionals dedicated to streamlining the quality, environmental and safety management process.

Our staff of experienced development specialists works to deliver flexible, affordable and easy to use software applications with a commitment to customer service and support.

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