Accuracy of comet measurements in image analysis systems


Source: Perceptive Instruments Ltd.

If you are scoring comets using image analysis, you will want to be confident that the results you are getting are accurate. Comet Assay IV from Perceptive Instruments has a unique scoring method that has been validated both in-house and by many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical organisations and CROs.

As part of the JaCVAM initiative to validate the in vivo and in vitro comet assays, Comet Assay IV is currently used by laboratories in Japan, Europe and the USA. The ultimate aim of this initiative is to work towards the introduction of an OECD guideline for the assay. For these laboratories, the accuracy of data gathered from our systems is of paramount importance.

As an ISO9001:2008 approved company, we develop and test our software in accordance with strict quality guidelines. Our own in-house validation exercises were performed on real and artificially generated comet images. Every attribute of each generated image was known in advance so the accuracy of any measurements obtained could be verified exactly.

Comet Assay IV is not just accurate – its single-click scoring system is also extremely fast, with users typically scoring 50 cells within 2 minutes.

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