ACD/Labs’ NMR Verification and Processing Tools Deployed Across GSK Discovery Research Centers


Toronto, Canada, June 6, 2005 -- Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc., (ACD/Labs) today announces an agreement to provide GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) with desktop-based NMR verification and processing capabilities across worldwide Discovery research centers via the enterprise deployment of ACD/Labs' NMR Prediction and Processing software modules.

Dr. Antony Williams, Chief Science Officer at ACD/Labs, comments, “ACD/Labs has had an active working relationship with the NMR scientists at GSK for almost a decade. During this period, we have delivered a variety of our multinuclear prediction, processing, and databasing software. GSK scientists have stress-tested our applications and provided valuable feedback to enable us to tune the applications to the needs of their chemists, and to the benefit of all of our users.”

Under the agreement, scientists at GSK research centers in Europe and the USA will gain access to ACD/Labs NMR Processors for vendor-neutral processing and analysis, as well as ACD/CNMR Predictor for calculating chemical shifts and coupling constants for 13 C NMR spectra. ACD/2D NMR Manager will also be installed at various locations to provide specialists with 2D NMR verification capabilities.

ACD/Combi NMR will also be installed for expert use at GSK's Stevenage and RTP sites. Continued collaborative development of this software, designed especially for structure verification or quantitation of high-throughput NMR datasets, will support GSK's movement towards automating their drug discovery process using high-throughput chemistry.

Dr. Williams adds, “This extended deployment of our software delivers prediction tools to the laboratories of the NMR experts and will provide all GSK research chemists with desktop capabilities for NMR processing. We look forward to a continuing collaboration with GSK.”

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