ACD/Labs Updates Public Chromatography Applications Database with Hundreds of Applications from Several New Collaborators


Toronto, Canada (June 14, 2005) - Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc., (ACD/Labs) is pleased to announce a major update to the free Public Chromatography Applications database which brings the number of HPLC and GC applications provided through collaboration with major column vendors to 4709 in total.

The Public Chromatography Applications Database is a limited version of the commercial Chromatography Applications Database included with ACD/Labs' ACD/ChromManager software offering. The database contains detailed applications provided by Agilent, Alltech, Beckman Coulter, Eprogen (Eichrom), GL Sciences, Grace Vydac, GROM Analytik +HPLC GmbH, Hamilton, PerkinElmer, Polymer Laboratories, Regis, Supelco, Thermo Electron, and ZirChrom, as well as new vendors Macherey-Nagel, Merck KGaA ( Darmstadt, Germany ), SIELC Technologies, Thar Technologies, and YMC, who have also contributed applications to the latest release.

Applications can be searched by numerous chromatographic parameters, as well as by structure, substructure, and structure similarity. The extensive search capabilities, combined with the high quality of data and large number of applications in the updated database, have proven to be an invaluable resource for chromatographers facing the challenge of new method development.

Mike McBrien, M.Sc., Chromatography Product Manager at ACD/Labs, comments, “This project presents a wonderful illustration of the power of the Internet as a tool for disseminating knowledge. The application database makes available, in a truly useful fashion, the combined method development effort of most of the world's leading column makers.”

The updated Public Chromatography Applications Database will be posted to ACD/Labs' online analytical data delivery tool, ACD/Web Librarian, in time for the HPLC Conference in Stockholm, Sweden. Information on how to access the Public Chromatography Applications Database is available at

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