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ACE introduces into the Australian Market the new ASM WS31 Cable Extension Sensor Series


ASM, along with Automated Control Engineering Group (ACE), is introducing its WS31 cable extension sensor series that include a new mounting bracket that allows for easy and flexible installation of the sensor and thus position measurement in almost every direction.

The WS31 linear position sensor series offers measuring ranges of 10 and 20 inches and is well suited for many OEM production applications such as in medical testing equipment or in aerospace testing equipment.

The WS31 series operates on the proven and reliable cable extension position sensor principal which uses a highly flexible stainless steel cable that is drawn onto a cable drum. An internal spring maintains the tension in the cable and ensures that the cable is recoiled exactly as a single layer on the drum. The output signal is proportional to length of the cable that has been pulled out of the sensor by the moving object. The WS31 series is available with an analog R1K, 4-20mA or digital incremental encoder A/B/Z output.

This position sensor can be installed with many different orientations with the included mounting brackets or threaded spacer nuts. The flexible design of the sensor’s housing allows the sensor to be rotated and mounted in 90 degree increments with the use of metal brackets.

With its compact size of 1.7” x 1.2” x 1.2”, the WS31 series is an economical solution that can be easily integrated into existing systems whenever direct displacement measurement feedback is needed without requiring extensive mechanical changes in the end application.

The enclosure rating for the sensor housing is IP50 and has a linearity rating of ± 0.35% of the full scale measuring range. This sensor weighs less than 4 oz.

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