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ACHEMA 2009 focuses on sustainable development of renewable resources


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ACHEMA 2009 continues to address technology developments that will have a global impact in the future by staging a special show that will spotlight the most recent contributions from the chemical engineering and biotechnology industries to the sustainable utilization of renewable resources.

ACHEMA’s new special show ‘Sustainable Concepts for the Use of Resources’, which will be housed in its own exhibition hall, aims to create a high visibility platform where innovative concepts for the utilization of non-fossil resources will be presented and discussed. 

The special show will focus on a number of key sustainability trends, including technologies for the preservation and use of renewable resources such as raw materials or energy supplies.

Chemical engineering topics will include: Industrial (‘white’) biotechnology; Chemical energy storage as well as Chemical and thermal processes.

Solar-based technologies will be addressed such as Solar chemical processes, photobioreactors and photovoltaics.

Biotechnology-based technologies will also be covered, including: Plants for the production of biofuels and biogas, biorefineries; pulping and separation techniques for biogenous material; high-performance crops; processing and production of biopolymers and composites.

ACHEMA 2009 is also running a scientific Congress that features more than 900 specialist lectures.  Additional conference sessions focused on the special show’s key themes will supplement the exhibition and panel discussions with leading personalities from industry, government, administration and interest groups also being a feature of the sustainability event.

The Congress allows all the ACHEMA exhibitors the opportunity to detail the features and benefits of their technologies to a global audience.

ACHEMA’s ‘thematic’ approach allows attendees to visit other relevant areas of the show.  The event’s sectors covering Biotechnology, Research and Innovation, Instrumentation/Control/ Automation Techniques, Mechanical and Thermal Processes are attractive for senior managers whose responsibilities extend beyond the laboratory area into other application areas or disciplines.

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