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Acid cleaning of scale caused by hard water eliminated in Peru


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Rico Pollo is a large chicken processing factory in Peru, South America. Feed water for the processing plant has a hardness level of 280 mg/l (ppm).

The plant already had a York Ammonia condenser for the refrigeration facility but was continuously having to acid clean the condenser tubes to remove scaling caused by calcium in the water this had damaged them so much it made the condenser unusable.

Rico Pollo had to install a new cooling tower and condenser and decided to use a 5' Diameter Colloid-A-Tron non chemical scale preventer as their preferred water treatment method.

The Colloid-A-Tron was installed in the recirculation system of the tower treating 570 gallons per minute of recalculating cooling water

Two years after installation and using no chemicals or softeners the new condenser/cooling tower is still scale free.

Rico Pollo are now refurbishing the York condenser and this too will be protected from scaling by a Colloid-A-Tron unit

Colloid-A-Tron is a revolutionary piece of water treatment equipment that uses natures forces to treat calcium so that it doesn't form scale in pipework systems, hot water systems, process equipment, boilers or homes.

The product uses no electricity no chemicals and has no moving parts and carries a 10 year guarantee. It eliminates the need for chemicals, and softeners and acid cleaning contributing a substantial environmental improvement .. Already Fluid Dynamics' unique green technology has prevented millions of gallons of chemicals and salty water being pumped into rivers, streams and water treatment plants.

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