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Acosta, Briones Convene Philippine Zero Waste Forum


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Neric Acosta, a former Philippine Congressman and Ruth Briones, Chair of Greenergy Solutions Inc.  convened  on October 7, 2010  the first in a series of  Zero Waste Philippines’ Forum  attended  by  representatives from provinces, towns and cities nationwide, and environmental groups at the Development Academy of the Philippines  Center , Pasig City in the Philippines.

Neric Acosta, the author of Philippines’ milestone Environmental laws, the Solid Waste Management Act and Clean Air Act when he was still at the House of Representatives emphasized the need of “paradigm shift” to implement a National Zero Waste Agenda.

Acosta stressed that  these environmental laws  need to be revisited and urged local  government units  that the state of the  environment should be the focus in solving the burgeoning problems of garbage in the Philippines, without  however, sacrificing the  economy.

With that direction, Briones, presented a Blue Print of Zero Waste Philippines that aimed towards a “Zero Waste Economy”. 

Briones said that the country's environment is  fragile and the intent  of  Zero Waste Philippines’ Project  is primarily   environmental protection to balance with the Philippines’ economic agenda.

Engr. Eligio Ildefonso, Deputy Executive Director of the National Solid Waste Management Commission presented the status of the implementation of the Solid Waste Management Act within the last ten years.

Jon Lindborg of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) discussed terms for Private-Public Partnership Initiatives and undertakings. Laurie Navarro of PFAN-USAID had presented the agency’s mentoring activities involving clean technology projects; Anita Celdran of Endesa Carbono had discussed the process of clean development mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol.

Techi Capellan of Swine Raisers Board had noted the requirements for swine waste processing facilities at the same time discussed the Feed-In-Tariff for Renewable Energy sale. Joseph Lufkin, an ADB Consultant was the forum’s moderator.(


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