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Acquisition of Lufft by OTT Hydromet Group


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Press release about the acquisition of Lufft by an affiliate of Hach Company, Ott Hydromet GmbH with comments from Lufft-CEO Klaus Hirzel, President of Hach Environmental Glenn Cruger and Dr. Anton Felder, President and Managing Director of the Sutron/Ott Hydromet. (Published December 21st, 2015)

An agreement was signed whereby an affiliate of Hach Company, Ott Hydromet GmbH, will acquire G. LUFFT MESS- UND REGELTECHNIK GMBH in a share purchase agreement. The acquisition will take place following regulatory clearance.

Lufft will become a part of Hach Environmental, a group of companies, including Ott Hydromet, Sutron Corporation and Sea-Bird Scientific, that serves customers with high quality, reliable instruments focused on environmental monitoring solutions for natural resource and oceanographic applications. The addition of Lufft to the group is expected to provide core technologies in a wide range of meteorological, precipitation and cloud height sensors and instruments that have high accuracy and low maintenance requirements.

Lufft’s Chief Executive Officer, Klaus Hirzel, said “Lufft management believes that it was the right time to become part of a group of excellent companies in a global network. This will make Lufft even stronger and will give us a real global reach. The environmental community worldwide is looking for sustainable solutions which require excellent sensing technologies. This is Lufft’s mission statement. Being part of Hach Environmental offers us the long-term ownership structure we need to provide the best benefits to our customers, employees and shareholders.”

“We are pleased to have Lufft join the Hach Environmental group of companies,” said Glenn Cruger, President of Hach Environmental. “Lufft has a solid reputation as the leading innovator in meteorology sensors and solutions. Lufft’s best-in-class products are a great fit with our other leading brands.”

Dr. Anton Felder, President and Managing Director of the Sutron/Ott Hydromet business, added, “We are excited that Lufft will become a part of the Hydromet business. Together, Ott, Sutron and Lufft will offer customers a greater ability to measure the meteorological and hydrological parameters that are critical to understanding our global environment.”

About G. Lufft Mess‐ und Regeltechnik GmbH:

Since its founding by Gotthilf Lufft in 1881, G. Lufft GmbH has been the leader in the production of climatological measuring equipment – always with the motto 'tradition meets innovation.' Lufft’s capacity for innovation and precision has helped its products establish the solid reputation they enjoy around the world. The company’s products can be found in use wherever variables such as air pressure, temperature, relative humidity and other environmental factors need to be measured. Together with its subsidiaries in the U.S. and in China, the company has 100 employees. In November 2012, G. Lufft GmbH was awarded the German Standards Brand Prize and was named a “Brand of the Century.” More information at:
About Hach Environmental

The Hach Environmental group of companies provides advanced water measurement technologies used in oceanography, hydrology, and meteorology, along with world class sales and service support.

About Ott Hydromet

Ott Hydromet helps water resource professionals generate reliable data throughout the entire natural water cycle. We go beyond simply providing solutions by partnering with our customers in designing effective answers to the challenges they encounter in their vital role of monitoring the natural water cycle. Proudly formed from three separate companies (Ott, Hydrolab, and Adcon Telemetry), Ott Hydromet offers the combined strength and expertise of leaders in the water quality, quantity and telemetry fields and over 140 years of experience in environmental measurement. More information at:

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