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Acrison® Introduces Model 580 Liquid Polymer Preparation Module


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The new Model 580 Liquid Polymer Preparation Module ( incorporates a two-stage activation system to produce a precise, uniform and thoroughly activated solution.

The self-cleaning and non-clogging two-stage activation system consists of a Dispersion-Injector, which utilizes a highly efficient technique to first dispense and then mix liquid polymer with water. The resultant solution then enters a motorized activation chamber where it becomes activated without in any way exposing the fragile elongated polymer chains to damaging energy. Additionally, by controlling the liquid polymer throughout both stages of the activation process, polymer short-circuiting and/or under-processed or over-processed polymer cannot occur. Also, to allow for visual inspection of the process, both the Dispersion-Injector and activation chamber housing are constructed of clear synthetic material.

The Model 580 is available with a variety of microprocessor-controlled liquid polymer pumps and dilution water rotameters for operation over a wide polymer dosage range.

The unit also features a NEMA 4X control panel and stainless steel construction with easy access to all components. Arrangements with integral drum stands are provided for neat and compact, self-contained installations.

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