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Acrylic Sepa test cell with 34 mil channel depth


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Sterlitech now offers an Acrylic Sepa Test Cell in an additional channel depth: 34 mil. The original Acrylic Sepa Test Cell utilizes a 75 mil channel depth and has been widely used by researchers over the years. In many experiments involving the Sepa cells, combinations of stainless steel shims and polymeric spacers (with differing thicknesses) are installed in the cell to reduce the channel depth or mimic the hydrodynamic conditions of commercially available spiral-wound elements.

However, when it comes to the Acrylic Sepa Test Cell, the ability to visually investigate the hydrodynamic conditions inside the cell or to visually observe local fouling at the membrane surface is critical and the basis for the development of the cell. In some cases, use of the stainless-steel shims and spacers in the Acrylic Sepa Test Cell can obstruct viewing of the cell’s interior and the membrane surface. Reducing the channel depth to 34 mil eliminates the need for stainless-steel shims when using thin spacers. The 34 mil depth was selected as common spacer thicknesses in commercially available spiral-wound elements range from 31-34 mil.

Sterlitech offers a selection of Polypropylene and PTFE spacers for use in the Acrylic Sepa test cells when needed. For more information about this new cell, spacers, or other membrane test materials and equipment.

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