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ACS, NSF and ISO 9001: Sarah talks about standards at Sunwaterlife


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Sarah, a student at the INSA Rouen School of Engineering, accompanies Sunwaterlife to obtain different quality standards. Although the water filtered by our systems has already been tested and validated by external laboratories, sanitary standards such as the Health Compliance Certificate (ACS) and the American NSF standard are essential. Sarah makes the point with us.

ACS, NSF and ISO 9001: Sarah talks about standards at Sunwaterlife

What Standards are Under Study at Sunwaterlife?

We are working today in particular on two health standards.

Firstly, the Health Compliance Certificate  : this system makes it possible to evaluate the ability of a product to come into contact with water intended for human consumption, in view of the regulatory provisions in force. The ACS represents an indispensable legal framework for the distribution of our water purification systems in France and in the DOM-TOM.

We are also working on obtaining the American Sanitary Standard from the National Sanitation Foundation: Certification for Drinking Water Treatment Systems . The latter will allow us to widely market our systems in North America, the United States and Canada.

In addition, we are working on the ISO 9001 2015 standard. The implementation of this standard will allow the establishment of a quality management system in the company, at all levels, especially on production: implementation of detailed assembly procedures, indicators for monitoring customer satisfaction and product quality, all to set up a continuous improvement system with complete traceability, which can be deployed at the commercial level as well.

What are the issues of these standards for Sunwaterlife?

Although our water is already compliant with WHO requirements, and validated by independent laboratories, these standards will attest that our systems do not release compounds into the water, that the water is completely pure and clean at the exit.

For example, the French standard ACS is mandatory to sell in France and DOM TOM. The NSF standard in the United States and Canada, reassuring for customers in these territories, is also a worldwide recognition. Finally, we are in the process of referencing Sunwaterlife on the WHO website, which will give our systems real credibility and visibility to all the NGOs in the world.

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