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Actio Announces 5-Point SDS Management System


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Portsmouth, NH -- Actio Software Corporation today announced that its SDS Vault product addresses the Five Key Aspects of Safety Data Management.

The five key points of SDS management are:

Data, data, data. An SDS management system should unlock valuable data contained in the Safety Data Sheet. Unlocked data starts as structured data. Beyond quick searches, structured data allows you to generate parametric and customized reports, as well as GHS labels and classifications, without any manual data entry.

Actio is a pioneer regarding the extraction of data from the SDS — with its SDS Vault product and IntelligenTEXT database technology. The company has excelled at this for over a decade.

Uniformity. While section numbers and headers and the overall format of an SDS are well defined by regulation, the look and appearance of SDSs are not. Therefore you end up with different formats for all your SDSs. Orienting to the format at hand takes time and energy. That's time and energy employees could be spending on something else. An SDS management system must be able to use the data in SDSs to provide a uniform presentation of all SDSs across the enterprise. This makes training easier, improves ramp-up time, and thus saves you valuable time and money. Uniformity also extends to the way individual data fields are displayed (i.e. the same format for temperatures, percentages, weights, volumes, etc.).

Summary Sheets. An SDS can be a very long document. But people often need quick and convenient access to only a few important data fields. Maybe a worker needs to just know what personal protective equipment to use, or quickly reference first aid measures, or perhaps accidental release measures. Often this data can fit on a single page. An SDS management system must offer the ability to configure a summary sheet. The system should allow you to determine the fields that you want to see, and serve them up in a user-friendly way. Summary sheets can then be accessed, rather than the full SDS, to provide employees with quick access to critical safety information.

SDS acquisition service. If you are looking for an SDS management system, it may also be a good time to look at the way you acquire and update raw material SDSs from your suppliers. There are many benefits to getting outside help for the acquisition of SDSs, including time and cost savings.

An “outside help” service is especially relevant now, as all suppliers will be required to update their U.S. MSDSs to be in line with HazCom 2012 and GHS. Many vendors also offer an SDS acquisition service where they follow up with suppliers on your behalf, obtain relevant SDSs, then save the new ones in the SDS management system. Thus your raw material SDSs get automatically converted to GHS as suppliers re-issue them. It is beneficial to combine the two needs and procure from the same vendor an SDS management system and an SDS collection service.

Inventory tracking. Some regulations, such as SARA in the U.S. and REACH in the EU, include requirements to track inventory of chemicals used, manufactured, imported, stored or disposed. An SDS management system should support substance inventory management by making SDS data available and useful for the purpose of tracking chemical inventories. The structured SDS data that we have been discussing becomes especially useful for inventory tracking when you need to track total quantities of substances throughout multiple products and multiple locations, as well as total quantities of substances that have certain physical/chemical or regulatory characteristics (e.g. REACH SVHCs, chemicals on a national inventory list, etc.).

There are other features that may be important for your particular situation. But you will obtain the most value from your SDS management system if you make sure that the five features above are present. See more on EnviralMarket's MSDS Compliance knowledge center.

About Actio Software Corporation

Actio provides manufacturers and their suppliers with on-demand, centralized supply chain materials management, down to the substance level. Actio’s secure, automated software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution creates a single repository of accurate, up-to-date substance data, as well as provides a collaborative infrastructure for suppliers, internal stakeholders and customers that keeps information and identities confidential. This means companies can quickly adapt and react to ever-changing global market conditions, quality standards and compliance mandates. Actio's product line includes solutions such as the ground-breaking 'SDS VAULT' market leading solution for GHS. Actio solutions are for manufacturers who want control over their disclosure, documents and reporting. Actio is SAS 70 certified.

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