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Actio, IKEA and RILA in Orlando September 30, 2013


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Orlando, FL -- Actio Corporation, leading provider of risk assessment and compliance solutions for companies with a global supply chain, has announced participation in an important global event held this year in Orlando, Florida: the Retail Sustainability Conference.

This exclusive event is hosted by RILA, Retail Industry Leaders Association. Actio’s offering will focus on the issue of risk management, specifically on how technology supports strategies for compliance with the SEC Dodd-Frank rule on conflict minerals. Actio is also poised to address compliance with pending conflict mineral restrictions in other parts of the world, such as Europe and Canada.

Retail Sustainability Conference

It's not every job that allows you to make a difference in your company, your community, and your industry. Working toward a more sustainable company – and industry – is one of them.

You can join Actio and others engaged in the same journey at the Retail Sustainability Conference 2013 in Orlando.

Industry leaders will challenge and inspire you. Hear keynote speaker Mike Ward, president of IKEA USA, share his vision to use sustainability to drive innovation, transform the business, shape investments and unleash new opportunities.

Event topics include:

  • Environmental Compliance: regulatory trends, recycling best practices, contracting to reduce risk, compliance management systems, lifecycle product management, and reverse logistics
  • Merchandising and Sourcing: conflict minerals, private brands, and social responsibility

Actio's conflict mineral tracking and reporting software is based on a proven supply chain substance tracking and regulatory assessment system — over 15 years in the making. The ground breaking software platform was called 'a game-changer' earlier this year by independent judges in a sustainability product competition. Actio’s solution has been lauded by Gartner, the global technology analyst firm. Actio's solution exceeds expectations. Experts call it 'disruptive technology,' 'elegant' and 'enormously helpful and cost effective.'

You may schedule a viewing of Actio's SEC conflict mineral solution ahead of the event — use the quick Sign Up form here

To find out more about the conference, visit RILA's conference page here.

The Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) represents America’s leading retailers.

About RILA
RILA helps its retail members to become sustainability leaders. Central to this effort are the Retail Sustainability Initiative (RSI), the Retail Sustainability Report, and the Retail Sustainability Conference. Through these venues, as well as an engaging committee structure, RILA provides educational content, best practice sharing, and networking. RILA is committed to advocating for solutions that work for the environment and industry.

About Actio Corporation Actio provides manufacturers and their suppliers with on-demand, centralized supply chain materials management, down to the substance level. Actio’s secure, automated software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution creates a single repository of accurate, up-to-date substance data, as well as provides a collaborative infrastructure for suppliers, internal stakeholders and customers. This means companies can quickly adapt to ever-changing global market conditions and compliance mandates. Actio's product line includes solutions such as 'Material Disclosure' supplier material management software and solutions for GHS, REACH, RoHS and more. Actio is SAS 70 and Safe Harbor certified.

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