Activated Carbon Adsorption System tackles MIB & Geosmin

Added benefit of reducing DBPs

Kelseyville CA -- UMI-2000 worked with the Engineering firms from grant application for a new Water Treatment Plant in N. California including a packaged Activated Carbon Filtration System.  Two 8,000 lbs capacity adsorbers and piping manifold for lead/lag/parallel/backflush/shutdown modes of flow were supplied.  16,000 lbs of Cabot GAC400 installed for removal of MIB & Geosmin.  Drought conditions had produced algae in their Clear Lake water source leading to a musty taste and odor problem.  The GAC adsorbers solved that problem and had the added benefit of reducing DBPs as well which had been a challenge for the water company.  Here is the commendation by the General Manager of the WTP:

'I am pleased to share with you that we received our first set of testing results for disinfection byproducts in our system in January and they were incredible! Our system has always had a problem meeting the state guidelines for TTHM (80Mg/L) and HAA5 (60 Mg/L). Our results were non-detect for HAA5 and 1.4mg/L for TTHM. We are so pleased with the carbon system!' - General Manager of N. California Water Treatment Plant.

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