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Active Leak Detection


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When investigating a suspected leak either within a customers property or on the mains network we will conduct a full and thorough survey of the problem area. This will include checks on the integrity of the zone or area and a brief assessment of  consumption. We will then survey all mains and fittings with a leak noise correlator and traditional sounding techniques. We also use additional equipment such as ground microphones and hydrophones . The exact method of survey and equipment used will depend largely on the pipe material, availability of fittings and the pressure in the distribution system.

LDS  can provide a  non-destructive solution to finding hidden water leaks within domestic and commercial environments. Within most environments hidden leaks are notoriously difficult to locate and are too often accompanied by unnecessary disruption and damage. Using modern and traditional leak detection techniques LDS can quickly and accurately detect and repair hidden leaks to save time, disruption and negate the risk of wasteful expenditure.

Our strength is the people who work for LDS . From the owners who are active in leak detection themselves and readily available to deal with all situations.  In effect you will be dealing with the owners directly and not through layers of management.

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