Activities of Gdynia in favour of protection of waters of the Baltic Sea in the Gulfs of Puck and Gdansk


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Gdynia, a city situated on the Baltic Sea, attaches considerable importance to the problem of water cleanness in the waters of Gulfs of Puck and Gdansk. In order to cope with increasing costs of the environmental protection, in 1991 Gdynia, along with the neighbouring communes, became a cofounder of the “Dolina Redy i Chylonki” Municipal Union of Communes.

The care for quality of waters in the Gulf of Puck and the Baltic Sea, and also in the Main Reservoir of Underground Waters No 110, provided the basis for applying by this union to the European Commission for subsidies from the ISPA fund. On 18/12/2003 the European Commission made a decision to grant a subsidy for the amount up to the EUR 27.47 million for implementation of the project in the years 2004-2008. The total cost of this project is estimated as more than PLN 215 million (more than EUR 52 million).

In the plans, there was anticipated a development and modernisation of the sewage reception and purification system (in accordance with the requirements of the Directive No 91/271/EEC) and also many actions aiming at assurance of the quality of drinking water, conformable with the Polish regulations and parameters specified in the Directive No 98/83/EC.

In November 2004, the work in the area of Trójmiasto Landscape Park in Gdynia was finished; the purpose of this work was to improve water quality in the Gulf of Gdansk and to minimise a threat of the flood. The cost of the project was PLN 2 million (some EUR 484,000).

The City also co-financed the program of restoration of stock of the most important species of fish in the Gulf of Puck.

Gdynia implements the programs of ecological education with special care. The program “Ratujmy nasz Ba³tyk” (Save our Baltic), which has been conducted since 2001, is specially appreciated by pupils. This program has scientific research character. Young people take part in the cruises by the “Hestia” hydrographical fishing boat, during which they get familiar with the methods of monitoring of changes in the environment.

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