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Acxiom sponsor the Green Awards 2007


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The Green Awards are all about information and its careful use. Informed and forewarned means being forearmed in the fight against climate change: consumers need information and the new consumer demands it. Is this product really green? What does this company really mean? These are principal questions posed by the savvy customer. The intelligent use of information means good decisions can be made which benefit the environment. Customers can buy a greener car, for example, while companies can learn to target their direct mail campaigns more precisely than ever – cutting down on wasted energy, transport costs and paper.

As the global leader in the management of customer information, Acxiom believe that it is precisely through targeted marketing that savings can be made. According to David Allen, CEO of Acxiom in Europe, “Acxiom shares a common ethos with the Green Awards: to ensure that businesses reduce their carbon footprint, for example, by marketing more intelligently and successfully. Businesses need to prove they can have green credentials, which can also tie into more efficient and effective marketing. Embracing multi-channel and better targeting for example is not only better for the consumer and more tailored to their interests, but also takes into account the environmental impact.”

Use information wisely: it could just save the planet. This is the Green Awards message. Making it stand out from the crowd is the imperative. Acxiom’s sponsorship of the Best Integrated campaign of the Green Awards involves, in the words of David Allen “taking a lead in showing our clients how to reduce their carbon footprint,  hoping to ensure sustainability and raise awareness of green issues across businesses both now and in the long-term.”

The 2007 Green Awards entered the arbitration stage this week, as judges gathered to assess the merits of entries into this hotly contested competition. Brands and organizations pulled out all the stops this year to scoop an award for their efforts at spreading the message of sustainability in a uniquely creative style. The awards expanded this year to incorporate new categories relating to new media and corporate social responsibility. The digital realm played a leading role in the first judging session: websites, viral campaigns and various new media formats were played or tested out by the distinguished judging panel: including representatives of Friends of the Earth and The World Wildlife Fund.

Those entrants hoping to find out how their campaigns fared this year will have to wait until the second week of October…fingers crossed!

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