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AD wastewater treatment technology launched


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Celje, Slovenia. Anaerobic digestion (AD) is being used in a new generation of wastewater treatment plant being marketed by EKO GEA, a Slovenian manufacturer of biological products for the waste sector. The plant incorporates a simple design with a small footprint and requires no power whatsoever. At its core is specially-sourced “tuff” bio-media and EKO GEA’s proprietary bio-active marine algae additive which stabilizes and promotes the anaerobic microbiology needed to complete the digestion process.

“This plant is a breakthrough in low-cost, responsible wastewater treatment”, said Goran Đorđič, chief scientist of EKO GEA. “It can be used in both residential and industrial applications - large and small – while providing high quality irrigation water for agriculture. We are seeing 87% methane gas from these systems, so the potential is there to harness the energy from this plant as well.”

The plant can be built and run at a fraction of the cost of conventional wastewater systems, and in remote areas where there are no mains sewerage services, even in cold climates. There are no sanitation issues as the natural biology effectively completes the disinfection process while completely eliminating odours in EKO GEA’s ion-exchange capacity.

The design was patented in Geneva by Macedonian inventor Joti Popovski, and it won several awards, including the 2007 first place “Energy Globe Award” , a prestigious competition supported by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, World Bank and the European Renewable Energy Council.

EKO GEA provides a full line of marine algae-based products which feed and protect microbes in the waste reduction and bio-fuel production sectors. The Company has a loyal customer base of biogas producers who use EKO GEA’s fermentation product to increase methane in both quality and quantity. EKO GEA has just launched its website in English at .

This new wastewater plant is another example of EKO GEA’s efficacy in AD processes – simple, low-cost, biological solutions for intensely biological processes. EKO GEA’s technology promotes healthy families of bacteria – feeding and protecting conventional microbes in a truly unique manner so that anaerobic digestion is completed.

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