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ADA-ES Completes Successful Tests of its ADAir™ Mixer Technology for Optimized Emissions Compliance


Demonstration validates benefits of integrating the ADAir Mixer Technology with sorbent injection systems to improve sorbent distribution and reduce system O&M costs

HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colorado -- Advanced Emissions Solutions, Inc. (OTC PINK: ADES) (the “Company” or “ADES”) today announced that its subsidiary, ADA-ES, Inc. (“ADA”) has successfully completed a commercial installation of its ADAir™ Mixer Technology on a Utility Power Plant and concluded performance tests. These performance tests yielded positive results and validate the benefits of the technology to optimize system performance with dry sorbent injection (DSI) applications. Results from a separate performance test at a U.S. industrial boiler plant also exhibited improved particle distribution and reduced sorbent consumption by as much as 40 percent as part of an optimized emissions compliance strategy.

ADAir Mixer technology is designed to increase the efficiency of sorbent performance by improving contact in the flue gas between the sorbent and the pollutant to be removed. In the recent demonstrations, ADAir Mixer technology not only reduced the overall sorbent requirements, it was confirmed to reduce the number of injection lances which improves system reliability and decreases maintenance issues, reduces fly ash disposal costs, and decreases velocity and temperature variations inlet to the particulate collection device for lower particulate emissions.

“The power generation industry is challenged with meeting a host of regulations while also keeping costs down and optimizing system performance. The success of the ADAir Mixer Technology is a huge step forward for the 490 power plant boilers that have installed ACI or DSI,” said Sharon Sjostrom, chief product officer at ADA. “We believe that our solution has the potential to reduce sorbent costs across the industry by more than $100M/year. We are also seeing that in some cases, the ADAir Mixer can mitigate the temperature and velocity stratification that is common at the outlet of regenerative air preheaters. This affords the further benefit of improving the performance of activated carbon injection (ACI) for mercury control, reducing corrosion due to cold spots in the duct, and improving overall plant performance. The potential savings with the ADAir Mixer Technology mean that the return on investment (ROI) payback period is often less than one year, and we’ve developed a payment plan so that for the first year, the cost of the ADAir Mixer is effectively offset by sorbent savings.  After that, the customer benefits from lower sorbent costs. Because of the ongoing savings potential, and creative payment structure, we expect strong adoption in 2016.”

The ADAir Mixer Technology is an in-duct static (non-rotating) mixer that induces counter rotational and intersecting turbulence patterns to improve gas mixing with minimal pressure drop. The technology influences mixing in the entire cross-section of the duct. This mixing improves sorbent dispersion in ACI for mercury control and DSI for acid gas removal systems and promotes more efficient pollutant capture.
ADAir Mixer Technology was designed by ADA to address the multipollutant regulations utility and industrial coal-fired boilers are subject to that limit emissions of mercury, SO2, acid gases, and particulate matter. These include the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS) and Industrial Boiler MACT (IB MACT), the Cross States Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR), National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) and Region Haze rules.

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