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Adaptation academy week 1 updates


The 2013 Adaptation Academy is well on its way with an exciting group of participants, asking challenging questions and working through complex issues. Last Friday marked the end of the first week with the participants providing useful and encouraging feedback.

The participants are excited about the weeks to come and look forward to seeing how the rest of the course comes together. The three thematic areas that guide the design of the course - Theory of Change; Climate Science; and Leadership - and how they converge to effect change in an uncertain, politically charged and an evolving context; continue to be one of the main challenges facing the group. The participants appreciate a new way of thinking and are working to incorporate their learning throughout their professional careers. One participant commented that upon reflecting on the learning of the first week, they are reworking their individual project to explore ways for how they can personally make changes within their institution and become a champion for climate change work.

Many participants made inspiring comments as to the effectiveness of the course. One participant explained that she finally understood climate data for the first time. Another expressed that the session on private sector and the lifecycle of technology was an eye opener. And there were more comments reflecting 'epiphany moments' as much as continuing challenges and question marks to be addressed.

The participants appreciated the hands-on-learning sessions but some expressed a desire for more lectures to help them become more grounded. The Adaptation Academy Foundation Course is designed around helping participants work through complex challenges and not provide answers but we listen to the participants and are working to incorporate these suggestions through the remainder of the course.

We are excited about the next two weeks and look forward to learning together.

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