ADB consults Pakistan on environmental safeguard policies


Source: Asian Development Bank

Consultations on the update of the Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) environmental and social safeguard policies started in Islamabad yesterday to hear feedback from representatives of Government, civil society, private sector and academic institutions from across Pakistan.

The meeting is the 10th in a series of consultations across the Asia and Pacific region on the safeguards, which are being updated to enhance their relevance and strengthen their effectiveness.

The safeguards are a set of protection measures that require ADB-financed projects to avoid harm to people and the environment, and if avoidance is not possible then minimize, mitigate and or compensate for adverse impacts of these projects.

ADB currently has three safeguard policies that cover the environment, indigenous peoples, and involuntary resettlement. The update will consolidate all three into one, which will allow a more holistic approach to ensuring that affected communities and the environment are best protected.

“The purpose of the consultation workshop is to listen to the views of stakeholders in Pakistan to inform the formulation of the updated policies,” said Ms. Xiaoying Ma, ADB Senior Environment Specialist, who is leading the March 26-27 consultations.

“This is a transparent and inclusive process. ADB is encouraging the participation of all stakeholders, including civil society and indigenous peoples’ organizations.”

“Our intention is for the final policy update to emphasize clear, robust, results-orientated principles and requirements in order to better protect people, communities and the environment that are impacted by development projects financed by ADB.”

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