ADCON becomes a Business Unit of OTT Hydromet


Source: The OTT Hydromet Group

As of October 1st, 2015, Adcon Telemetry will become a business unit of OTT Hydromet in Kempten, Germany.

OTT Hydromet, Germany, fully integrates ADCON Telemetry to exploit max. synergies

In a bold move OTT Hydromet has fully integrated the administrational structure of Adcon Telemetry to shave off redundancies and cash in on the synergies the initial merger has created.

While back in 2012 OTT had only taken over the production of Adcon's line of RTUs, this latest move 
- optimizes logistics in a single warehouse in Germany, 
- merges both companies' ERP systems to significantly reduce overhead,
- merges both companies' CRM systems to streamline sales efforts and 
  customer service, and
- creates a unified marketing division, handling web site (which will soon
  move under the umbrella of the OTT site), brochures, leaflets, trade 
  show appearances and the like.

ADCON Telemetry - a strong brand with a strong team

But don't get us wrong: this merger will not touch the corner stones of the Adcon Telemetry experience:

- Klosterneuburg will remain the seat of all of Adcon's activities;
- The well-known and established ADCON brand will continue to show 
   its muscle; 
- Adcon's integrated RTUs will continue to be developed in Klosterneuburg 
  and will soon see the release of Series 5 product line;
- Adcon's widely used software package addVANTAGE Pro remains a key 
  advantage over its many competitors, will soon see the release of 
  version 6.5 with a great new DataViewer - and v6.6 is already lined up 
  to add even more 'umpff' and power to the software engine.

The team? Will keep serving our customers from Klosterneuburg, as we  did since 1996!

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