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Addfields Fight Against Knotweed


With Japanese knotweed continuing to spread throughout the UK, Addfield has recently provided a number of multi-service companies with machines to incinerate the invasive plant.

Japanese knotweed was first introduced to our country in the Victorian era as an exotic plant; however, it soon became one of the most destructive plants in the UK. It can damage footpaths, concrete, tarmac and flood defences, as well as harm the environment. UK citizens have a responsibility to prevent its spread if this plant grows in their premises.

Addfield incinerators are the perfect solution to this issue – the thermal heat treatment eradicates the vines and renders them nothing more than fine ash. This leaves the remains in a more suitable condition to be buried (at least 5cm deep as per legislation) or to be taken off-site by a licensed waste transporter.

To effectively control the Japanese knotweed, it is necessary to incinerate the re-growth, which may not appear again for a number of years as the knotweed can lie dormant before resurfacing.
As our incinerators are built to last- this will not pose a problem for subsequent incineration.

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