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Additional ATR site receives R2 and ISO 14001 certifications


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Peoria -- Advanced Technology Recycling (“AT Recycle”), a nationwide electronics recycling company operating five sites across the Midwest and in San Antonio Texas, has just received their R2 and ISO 14001 certifications for their Peoria, IL facility, and their newest electronics recycling facility in San Antonio, Texas is close behind.

“R2 and ISO 14001 are industry standards that further enforce ATR as an Industry leader,” said Whitney Ehresman, Business Development Manager at ATR – Grand Rapids. “With these certifications, our clients can trust that we are who we say we are, and we are willing to stand up to the scrutiny of audits in order to further enforce our commitment to responsible recycling practices.”

AT Recycle operates five materials recovery facilities nationwide, with plans underway to continue expansion further to other regions of the United States. One goal of ATR has always been to stay committed to the R2 and ISO 14001 standards by getting each site up to speed and certified as the company continues its expansion nationwide. The newest ATR facility in San Antonio, Texas, is slated to receive their certifications in June of 2013.

According to Ken Ehresman, Director of Operates at ATR, what sets AT Recycle apart from other recyclers and processors in the Industry is the company’s commitment to going the extra mile in order to enforce downstream vendor accountability and ethical environmental practices.

“Too often do companies salvage only elements of value in e-waste and scrap the rest, putting harmful toxins in our environment,” said Ken Ehresman. “Not all recycling companies are the same.”

These certifications, according to the ATR management team, are instrumental in defining ATR as an Industry leader and trusted source for electronics recycling.

More than a decade ago the dumping of electronics into landfills had not yet become outlawed in most states. The parent company of ATR, B&K Technology Solutions, stepped up to the plate to offer a responsible recycling outlet for residents, government entities and businesses. With its roots in technology, ATR has been able to offer a different perspective on electronics recycling, which includes strict environmental policies and the philosophy of re-use, or re-market, before final disposition (end-of-life recycling).

In addition to strict policies prohibiting export of e-waste, ATR is committed to managing end-of-life electronics in a responsible manner that ensures electronics waste and a category of potentially hazardous components, called focus materials, are handled responsibly.

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