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Additional versions of the scrubber-drier Hakomatic B 45


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Within the range of Hako scrubber-driers the Hakomatic B 45 is the manoeuvrable and clearly laid out machine used to clean all non-textile floors. Two further models have now been added to complement the versions, which are already available: for use on larger areas the Hakomatic B 45 is now also available with a plate brush unit with a working width of 65 cm. In addition, for the cleaning of rough and structured floors, the scrubber-drier is also available with a cylindrical brush unit.

The machine with 65 cm plate brush combines a higher area performance with the manoeuvrability, clarity and simplicity of the Hakomatic B 45. Together with the Hako Aqua Control System, this version is the right solution for efficient, economical and environmentally-friendly cleaning of larger areas e.g. in supermarkets.

The new Hakomatic B 45 with cylindrical brush technology is at home on all areas with rough or structured floor coverings such as in logistics and industrial halls, kitchens or swimming pools and similar applications. The scrubbing unit, with a working width of 50 cm, not only scrubs the floors particularly intensively, but at the same time also offers an integrated sweeping function. In this connection the swept debris is collected in its own dirt hopper, which can be emptied without tools.

This means that there is now a choice of five versions of the Hakomatic B 45: with 43 cm plate brush for use on confined, restricted and congested areas, with 51 cm plate brush for cleaning smooth floors, with the new 65 cm plate brush for larger areas, with the new 50 cm cylindrical brush for rough floors and – finally – a noise-reduced version for use in hospitals and noise-sensitive areas.

The compact construction is common to all versions; the Hakomatic B 45 is easy to manoeuvre and offers a clear view of the working area. The operating elements are arranged in such a way that they are clearly laid out and self-explanatory. The position of the handle makes relaxed and fatigue-free work possible. As a result of the noise-insulated turbine, the scrubber-drier is particularly quiet (only 64 dB(A) at the operator’s ear), with optional Silent-Kit (standard on the hospital version Hakomatic B 45 CLH) this can even be reduced to 61 db(A).

The Hakomatic B 45 is delivered as standard with on-board charger, battery control device with charge level display and protection against low discharge as well as working hour meter.
Useful options such as on-board dosage system, utensil net, hand-held suction hose or mop holder round off what’s on offer.

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