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Additional water can be obtained from existing RO plants


Source: Scarab Development AB

Water production capacity at existing RO sea water desalination plants can be significantly increased.

By treating the RO reject water with a new technology, additional pure water can be obtained and the reject can be concentrated for easier disposal. The technology can be integrated in new RO-plants but can also be used as add-ons to existing RO-plants

The new technology is called Membrane Distillation (MD) has been developed by Scarab Development AB of Sweden.

Scarab’s first full scale MD-system has been tested in 2006. Tests were performed by the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology and Vattenfall AB, one of Europe’s largest power operators.

Scarab is now looking for RO-plant operators who would be interested in testing the technology on a smaller scale before deciding on full scale operation. Test units of 10 000 litre per day are available for leasing.

Scarab also participates in two EU-programs – one of which concerns solar desalination. Equipment is being supplied by Medea AB.

The same technology is being developed for industrial applications by Xzero AB, especially for the manufacture of Ultra Pure Water to the semiconductor and other nano industries.

The technology is also developed for treatment of difficult waste waters for example from chemical and textile plants. It will separate all types of contamination, particles, ions, organics and microbes in a reliable way.

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