Additional world leaders summit needed to unlock climate talks


Source: WWF International

Delegates negotiating the new climate treaty in Bangkok made some progress during the first week of their summit but in order to make a significant step towards an ambitious treaty world leaders need to give new guidance.
“Despite progress on the text there is no movement on the political stumbling blocks that need resolving before we go to Copenhagen”, said Kim Carstensen, Leader of WWF’s Global Climate Initiative.
While negotiators who gathered for a two-week session in Bangkok have shown good will in reaching an agreement which could help prevent devastating impacts of global warming, they need a stronger political backing from their leaders at home.
WWF calls on heads of states to get together before the final climate change summit in Copenhagen in order to unlock the slow negotiation process and give it a clear political mandate.
“We have seen negotiations in good faith here in Bangkok and steps forward on technical issues. But in order to boost this slow process ahead of Copenhagen we need strong political backing and firm declarations from leaders,” said Kim Carstensen.
“We are calling on world leaders to gather for a summit to unlock the negotiations and give them a strong political impetus ahead of Copenhagen.”
WWF would like delegates in Bangkok to continue their good work in the second week of the UNFCCC meeting but with only 10 negotiation days left before Copenhagen, there is urgent need for another high-level summit.
Leaders should make it clear that the outcome of Copenhagen must have a legally binding character and include negotiated emissions reduction targets for the rich countries.
“Leaders must instruct negotiators that a robust outcome of Copenhagen means clear and agreed reduction targets and financial commitments. A set of voluntary pledges will not do the trick,” Carstensen said.
An influential summit of world’s leaders should focus on financial aspects of the treaty as well as bring forward declarations on emissions reductions from developed countries.

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