AdEdge Technologies Receives “Project of the Year” Award in New Mexico April 2006


Source: Adedge Water Technologies, LLC

In April 2006 an AdEdge Technologies Inc. (AdEdge) arsenic treatment system was selected by the American Public Works Association - New Mexico Chapter as “Project of the Year”. The project was a water system improvement for the Green Ridge community located in Tijeras, New Mexico. The Green Ridge system had been without potable water for three years. Local residents hauled from 100 to 300 gallons per week to meet their water needs. The groundwater resource in Tijeras was determined to contain high arsenic concentrations that were above the proposed maximum contaminant level (MCL). The arsenic concentration was 95 parts per billion (ppb) and the pH was 8.6. Souder Miller & Associates (SMA) chose AdEdge to execute the turnkey project. AdEdge worked closely with SMA to provide submittals and plans for permitting and operating the 20 gallon per minute (gpm) treatment system for arsenic. The system was fabricated and installed in June, 2005. The treatment system is described in the following paragraph.

The AdEdge arsenic treatment system consists of a skid-mounted Adsorption Package Unit (APU) unit (Model APU-20LL) rated for 20 gpm. Arsenic treatment occurs in a series (i.e., lead/lag reversible) configuration. Groundwater is pumped from the watersupply well through a pre-filter, through the APU and into a 53,000-gallon storage tank. From the storage tank, groundwater flows through booster pumps, a hydropneumatic tank, and into the distribution system. The 24-inch diameter APU vessels each contain approximately 8 cubic feet of Bayoxide E33® adsorption media. Bayoxide E33 is a granular ferric oxide (GFO) media that has been in commercial use since 1999. AdEdge has deployed GFO media in over 70 public water and commercial systems throughout the U.S. and in over 1,500 residential applications since 2002.

The skid-mounted pre-engineered APU system is equipped with automatic controls, backwashing features, switches, gauges, and sample ports for complete functioning packaged unit. Instrumentation is provided on a control panel to measure critical operating parameters. Total gallon throughput and flow rate for each unit is measured continuously with dedicated flow totalizing meters. The AdEdge adsorption system does not require any chemicals or regeneration, and the process does not generate liquid or hazardous waste.

The system was started up and placed into operation in June 2005 and has been operating for over eleven months treating arsenic well below the standard of 10 ppb. System oversight is provided by the site’s certified water treatment operator. A special open-house event and ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate this new treatment milestone featuring Senator Pete Domenici, was held in August 2005 with the community, local leaders, and the press.

AdEdge was founded in 2002 and has grown consistently over the past several years. Adedge (, based near Atlanta, Georgia, is an innovative manufacturing, distribution, and technical services company supplying specialty adsorbents, integrated water treatment systems, and other products for contaminant removal from process or drinking water systems, and for environmental remediation, chemical, wastewater and pharmaceutical applications.

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