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Adelmann-Umwelt-GmbH-presents new shredder


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Shredder with a single rotary shear scores with superior efficiency and power

Based upon a well-engineered, patented and proved technique Adelmann Umwelt GmbH put on the market a shredding machine for treatment and recycling of materials like e-scrap, tyres, commercial waste, paper and production of refused derived fuels. The shredder is already successfully running at the company Remondis GmbH&Co.KG, one of the leading companies in the field of water supply and distribution.

The granulator ANZ AS is a shredder with a single rotary shear which is, depending on size, equipped with a certain amount of high quality knive blocks. In a circulation procedure the material is shredded into the required final grain size of the output material - until a constant output quality is achieved. The continuous throughput can be boosted up to 30% through the hydraulic psuhing device, especially with light materials.

Protection of extraneous material, fast adjustment of cutting unit in operating mode and an easy change of wear parts reduce the maintenance efforts and so expensive downtimes- an important economic factor.

The Adelmann service package includes an after-sales-service with professional advice and technical support.

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