Adhesives and Sealants: Global Markets, 3rd Edition

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Sealants (both structural and non-structural) comprise the fastest growth sectors of the industry. The five-year compounded annual growth rates (CAGR) since 2006 of structural and non-structural sealants are 3.7% and 3.1%, respectively. After several years of stagnant growth, the adhesives and sealants market is undergoing a period of recovery and rebirth. Synthetic resin and rubber adhesives represent the largest market value of more than $10.1 billion in 2011 while natural base glues and adhesives growth has been flat since 2006 hovering at the $1.3 billion mark.

Contributing to the increased demand is the continuing economic recovery in rapidly growing emerging markets in Southeast Asia. Energy conservation and the continued development of renewable energy sources are also fueling the need for adhesives and sealants in the development of new products. Adhesives and sealants are extensively used in packaging, automotive, electronics, footwear, construction repair and remodeling, textiles, consumer goods, shipbuilding, and other miscellaneous uses.

This research features:

  • Market sizes of adhesives and sealants industry, including subcategories such as natural base glues and adhesives, synthetic resin and rubber adhesives, structural sealants, and non-structural caulking compounds and sealants.
  • Global activities affecting adhesives and sealants products use and deployment
  • End-user applications by industry vertical, including construction, packaging, automotive, and medical
  • Challenges to adhesive and sealant products development and deployment
  • Profiles of products manufacturers

Major points covered in Table of Contents of this report include:

Chapter 1: Executive Summary

Chapter 2: Introduction

Chapter 3: The Market

Chapter 4: Market Challenges

Chapter 5: Company Profiles

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