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ADI Systems Asia Pacific Attends The Australian Water Recycling Centre Of Excellence Forum


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Nathan Clarke, Technical Director of ADI Systems Asia Pacific, led a team from ADI Systems to join more than 40 others at Werribee, Victoria in September for the Australian Water Recycling Centre of Excellence (AWRCoE) and CSIRO industry forum.

The forum presented the results of a 3 year project to identify and enable water recycling opportunities in Australia’s agri-food industry through integrated systems analysis, technology assessment, and targeted research to address barriers to implementation. Industry challenges, including regulatory and policy pressures, were addressed by developing the knowledge, tools, and strategies for increasing acceptance of water recycling in the food processing industry.

The forum featured presentations by CSIRO project leaders, as well as representatives from ADI Systems, Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC), Australian Meat Processor Corporation (AMPC), Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA), and Dairy Innovation Australia Ltd (DIAL).

Issues faced by each recycled water use development are unique.  The technology assessment group recommended the following:

  • Combine the technology assessment with value proposition and regulatory assessment
  • Use the value proposition tool from a “base” framework, and pilot/trial to introduce new technology
  • Understand the needs and drivers of each proposal – security of water supply is a big driver only when the water supply is under threat
  • Treat the water at the source, as it decreases the volume to treat
  • Consider a shorter timeframe to incorporate technology advancements

ADI Systems made a specific contribution to the forum by sharing results and experience from a pilot study to the treatment of dairy wastewater, making it suitable for recycling conducted in cooperation with the CSIRO. The results demonstrated that the wastewater could be treated to a recyclable quality, and that any proposed treatment should include a thorough characterization of the waste and the upstream processes generating the waste. ADI Systems’ expertise in this area was acknowledged by the forum.

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