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ADI systems partners with hp hood for third wastewater treatment plant project


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ADI Systems Inc. has been contracted by HP Hood LLC to upgrade the wastewater treatment system at its plant located in Winchester, Virginia, USA.  HP Hood is an American-based dairy company with 15 plants across the country.  The Winchester plant has been in operation since 2000 and manufactures fluid dairy and non-dairy beverages using ultra-high-temperature (UHT) and extended-shelf-life (ESL) technologies.

HP Hood has invested significant capital to increase the production capacity of its Winchester plant.  To accommodate this latest increase in production, the wastewater treatment system will also be upgraded to include the following:

  • A new 3.44 MG ADI-BVF® reactor to work in parallel with an existing 1.23 MG ADI-BVF® reactor
  • A 1.0 MG ADI-SBR (retrofitted from an existing 1.05 MG ADI-BVF®)
  • A waste sludge storage tank (retrofitted from a 230,000 gal ADI-SBR)
  • Effluent equalization tank (retrofitted from a 190,000 gal ADI-SBR)

This is the third project for this plant.  In 1999/2000, ADI Systems designed, built, and commissioned the original wastewater treatment system for the plant which included an ADI-BVF® reactor, ADI-SBR, spill tank, and equalization tank.  Due to an increase in plant production in 2003, the treatment system was expanded to include a second ADI-BVF® reactor and ADI-SBR.

The upgraded treatment system will accommodate the plant’s increase in wastewater organic load and flow, and will also provide greater flexibility for waste sludge handling and disposal.  The upgrade will ensure that the pretreated water discharged from the plant to the local sewer will meet the discharge limits for BOD and TSS.

Construction of the new system will begin in the fall of 2013 and is scheduled to be complete by spring 2014.

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