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ADMLC report on dispersion from agricultural sources published


‘A review of the limitations and uncertainties of modelling pollutant dispersion from non-point sources’ was published earlier this year. This report presents a detailed literature review, including a summary of agricultural and bioaerosol source parameter ranges particularly of interest to those modelling multiple releases from low-level sources in the vicinity of farm sheds.

Results from four validation studies are presented, where ADMS and AERMOD have been configured to represent emissions using all available non-point source types. The study recommends that source buoyancy and momentum should be accounted for if these parameters are at least moderately different from ambient conditions; it also includes good practice guidance.

This work was funded by the UK Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling Liaison Committee and was co-authored by CERC, Steve Smith (A S Modelling & Data Ltd.) and Akula Venkatram (University of California, CA, US).

See report here.

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