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ADMS 5.2 and the new ADMS-Screen


The latest version of ADMS 5 is now available for download. Alongside this we have also completely updated ADMS-Screen.

ADMS 5 simulates a wide range of buoyant and passive releases of pollutants to the atmosphere. Applications include planning and permitting, stack height assessment, odour modelling, environmental impact assessments and safety planning.

New features in ADMS 5.2 include:

  • project files: allowing background maps, contour plots, layer symbology and more to be saved and reopened with your model input files;
  • simple extraction of terrain files from OS terrain 50 and SRTM data formats;
  • more flexible hourly time-varying emissions file format (.var); and
  • file drag-drop and context menus throughout the Mapper and ADMS interface.

For more information about all the new features please see the What's New in ADMS 5.2? guide. Eligible ADMS 5 users should already have received the new version free of charge.

ADMS-Screen is a screening version of ADMS 5, for modelling dispersion from a single stack to calculate ground-level concentrations, providing rapid assessments of stack height. Easy comparison with air quality strategy objectives and European Union air quality standards can be made. ADMS-Screen now includes the ADMS Mapper for visualising model input and output.

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