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ADMS-Urban Regional Model Link 1.4 Released


CERC's state of the art system for multi-scale modelling of pollutant dispersion, the ADMS-Urban Regional Model Link (RML), has been updated for use with ADMS-Urban 4 and the new Run Manager version 1.7.

The RML is an innovative automated system for nesting the high resolution air quality model ADMS-Urban in a regional air quality model using meteorological data from the meso-scale WRF model. The output from the ADMS-Urban RML system comprises predictions of pollutant concentrations for an urban area, which take into account both regional and local pollutant transport and chemistry effects.

The product runs on Windows PCs and can link to CMAQ, CAMX, CHIMERE or EMEP4UK regional models. However, please contact us about bespoke developments if you use a different regional model or platform.

The example output shows a 5 x 5 km cell in London coupling ADMS-Urban and EMEP regional model output taken from recent NERC-funded work which has enabled the RML to run ADMS-Urban on the UK academic supercomputer, ARCHER.

For more information, please visit the ADMS-Urban RML web page.

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