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Huntsville, AL -- ADS Environmental Services is proud to introduce IntelliServe II, our newest version of the IntelliServe platform. IntelliServe II is designed to provide web-based data collection and analysis for collection system managers with temporary or permanent environmental data metering and in particular wastewater flow metering networks. IntelliServe II provides direct access to documents, photos and videos, facilitates real-time interaction between field crews and data managers, and allows customers to generate custom calculations and set customized alarms.

IntelliServe II is the product of a partnership with FlowWorks of Seattle, WA, combining the proven web-based tools of FlowWorks with the time-tested methods of ADS, the nation’s largest provider of flow metering services. A major benefit to existing ADS customers is that the new IntelliServe II can collect and display data from almost any hardware source including pump station data, tidal data, rain gauges and data from most any other flow meter or SCADA System.

A brand new feature is the Action Item System (AIS) that provides Interactive Collaboration between customers and ADS field staff for Data Questions & Resolution. Through the AIS, users can interact with the data stewards at ADS to review the field tasks taking place that establish the validity of each sites data set plus ask questions about the data they are viewing to increase the overall understanding, value and confidence in the information being provided. Future plans include incorporating the proven RDII analysis tools from, the sophisticated data editing tools from ADS Profile, as well as a suite of GIS tools built on the ArcGIS user interface.

“IntelliServe II is modern platform that can support many applications” states Patrick Stevens, Vice President of Engineering for ADS Environmental Services. “It was designed to simplify and enrich the value of flow monitoring data.”

For more information on IntelliServe II, and to get access to a free demo, Contact Eric Lott:

ADS LLC develops and provides technology-based products and services for the water, wastewater, and hydroelectric industries through four divisions, ADS Environmental Services, Hydra-Stop, Accusonic Technologies, and IETG. ADS pioneered the industry's first flow monitoring hardware and software products 36 years ago and today continues to provide the highest quality products and services to its clients. The Company is headquartered in Huntsville, AL and is an IDEX Water & Wastewater Business.

About FlowWorks
FlowWorks is the leader in secure, web-based data management for utilities, municipalities and industrial clients. The FlowWorks platform has been up and serving client data continuously since 2005, and has achieved an uptime score well in excess of 99% during that time. FlowWorks is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

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